Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Evening with Nate

Working where I work, I've come across my share of celebs. Some are well known, some think they are well known, some deserve to be most known. Nate Berkus falls in the latter category.

Rewind. 2006. My family and I just finished dinner at a quaint Italian restaurant on 8th avenue. As we're leaving the joint my cousin slaps my arm and says, "We just walked by Nate Berkus." Me: "Who?" Her, flabbergasted that I'm clueless: "He's always on Oprah, he does home design." I shake my head and smile; I hadn't watched Oprah since college, back when my schedule allowed for it. My cousin rolls her eyes. And that was my first run in with Nate.

Fast forward. 2010. Nate is getting his own talk show. Sizzle reels, decks and artwork pass by my desk. All have one thing in common; his face (an adorable one at that.) Soon enough what was once on a piece of glossy paper is now in front of me. We are quickly introduced as he is in town to meet our group and their clients at an event later in the evening. I'm assigned a specific task for the meet and greet: shadow Nate. First thoughts: easy breezy.  

We arrive at Monkey Bar and I meet Ali the photographer. She's personable, full of stories and shares my sense of humor. Instant teammate. Nate arrives soon thereafter and we're all given the lowdown: it will be my responsibility to make sure Nate meets all the clients, spends enough but not too much time with them and has numerous photo ops. Light bulb! Publicity work. Something I was once involved in but forgot about when production took over my (side job) life. Nice way to be reintroduced.

At first things are moving slowly, clients are taking their time to arrive. Ali and walk around snapping random photos. Then it seems as if everyone picks the same moment to make their fashionable entrance. They also share another goal: immediately wanting to meet Nate. Game time! The next two hours involve me ushering Nate around, learning how to catch his eye or politely interrupt him in order to move him to another client, hearing my name called from each direction by my colleagues who need his attention, holding his drinks during photos or running off to replenish said drinks. With each introduction, he is charming and engaging. He listens and you get the sense you already know him. It was all a blur for me, quite a fun blur.

At one point, when I reach to hold his drink again he says to me, "I'm growing an attachment to you." I, and the group of clients around us, laugh. He continues, "Seriously, I'm going to wake up in the middle of the night, look around and say 'Where's Lauren?'" I smile at the warmth of his joke. This is Nate. Funny, sweet and the kind of person you instantly want to be friends with. What's most important, from my own experience, is that I can't smell a fake bone in his body (and I've got quite the nose for such a thing.)  And it is because of this genuineness (and his talent of course) that I think his show will do very well. In a room of more than a 100 people, not one walked away feeling they couldn't relate to him. I think that says a lot.

By almost 9pm things were finally beginning to wind down. I was introduced to some of his good friends and family and then it was time for goodbyes. He thanked me for helping him through the evening. I thanked him for being quite the trooper. And silently and to myself, I thanked him for reminding me of something else I'm good at. 

For more info on Nate, visit:

To check out Ali's awesome photography, check out her site:

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"The Back Up Plan" - My Review on Huff

I have a relationship with Jennifer Lopez...she just doesn't know it. My family has been referring to me as their version of JLo for years. Okay, maybe we share the same anatomical body proportions, always seem to cut our hair into the same shapes and have similar voices (I'm not sure if that's good or bad.) However, the same family also calls my cousin Lucy Lu...did I mention we're Puerto Rican with no Asian ancestry? You get my drift.

My rambling point is that despite the way critics seem to hate on her repeatedly, Jennifer Lopez made her way into my life a long time ago and her newest wave may be one of her best yet.

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ugly Betty and I Go WAY Back...

I'm on a bit of a Huffington Post blogging frenzy this week. Last night as I watched the series finale of Ugly Betty, I felt like I was saying good bye to a good friend. Check out my review of the finale here:

Monday, April 12, 2010

New Huffington Blog Post

It's been a VERY long time since I posted on I'm not the kind of writer to just blab for the hell of it and expect people to follow my every word. Instead, I write about subjects that I know will have special interest. This time around I wrote a review of the new iTunes app called MySneakers developed by my friend Louis W. Colon III. Check out the full blog here:

And here are some screen shots of the app that I couldn't attach to Huff post:

 As if I needed any more of a reason to fill my closet with sneakers! :-)