Monday, March 8, 2010

Me, a Role Model?

While watching the boring Oscars last night, I kept fantasizing about my own acceptance speech. It's the one where I thank the Academy, my parents, my friends... and then tell everyone who doubted me to suck it. Classy. But honest.

While it may take me a bit to make that fantasy anything close to real, in the meantime, I've recently found myself dealing with fans. Thanks to my Sony commercial reaching 30K views on YouTube(talk about milking 15 minutes of fame!) I now have a new slew of them. Some are borderline stalkers, some are wannabees (read: they want to give me "entertainment advice" and yet the most they've done is perform in their high school talent show) and then there are the genuine kind, my faves! One of my most recent is this adorable kid named Blayne.

Blayne saw my commercial and then reached out to my personal YouTube page asking if I was the same person starring in the commercial. When I confirmed, he was psyched, told me I was his idol. I check this kid's YouTube page and see this video:

I'm his idol?? Pfft! This kid is 14 and making better videos than I did two years ago lol. If I can inspire a kid to be more awesome than they already are, I'm in! And while I'm doing that, I'll continue to be inspired by them. 

Friday, March 5, 2010

Blog here! Blog there! Blog everywhere!

While this will remain my blog for random thoughts, my thoughts revolving around the 3 weddings I am involved in over the next year will be blogged about here: . If you don't get the tone of the website from the title, here is the logline: The tales of an unmarried wedding hopper. Sure, it sounds like something only girls would find interesting but I plan on tying in my sense of humor as well as interviewing/chatting with various people who have different opinions of love and marriage. So, what I'm saying is - CHECK IT OUT! :-)